Wasteland Weekend 2014 Highlight Reel

Wasteland Weekend is a four day post apocalypse themed festival held in California’s Mojave desert. It is heavily inspired and influenced by the Mad Max films, the Fallout video game franchise, and many other stories, books, movies, and games.

Shortly after returning from the event in September, I was approached to cut their official highlight reel for the 2014 festival. It was a ton of footage to sort through with many good memories and I think I did the event justice in the two minute piece I finished for them.

The song in the video, written and performed by AHTCK (who take their name from the Steven King Dark Tower series, a favorite of mine), takes most of its lyrics directly from the infamous “I am the Night Rider” scene from Mad Max. It was wonderful to work with and gave me a lot of freedom for fast and chaotic cutting.

One thought on “Wasteland Weekend 2014 Highlight Reel

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