Strip Club: The Series on Kickstarter!

Introducing the Kickstarter Campaign for Strip Club: The Series, a new web series upon which I am the editor. Strip Club explores life post-college for the millennial generation as two recent grads seek to game the system to pay their rent by posing as college students and starting a campus Comic Book Club.

It’s an idea that writer/director Reid Ackerman and I have been talking about for years (shortly after we met in our first year at CSUN). It’s seen many changes and evolutions, and now we believe it’s time to make it. Please help us make this series a reality and share it with everyone!

Click here to view the Kickstarter Campaign in its entirety, or just click-through on the video below.

UPDATE: As of right now, our campaign is almost funded and we need just under $300 to meet our goal. Thank you to everyone that has donated so far!

UPDATE: Strip Club has officially met and exceeded it’s funding goal! Thank you once more to everyone who has donated! This series is going to happen!

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